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Volunteering at Papa's


Did you know Papa's is completely volunteer-run? And we are not a Lambeth Park? Read on for more facts about the amazing work our volunteers do and why we need your help.

5 facts about Papa's Park

  • It’s run on people power! We’re a completely volunteer-run charity. 

  • We’re independent. This isn’t a Lambeth Park: it’s run by and for the local community. 

  • We’re open every day of the year, no matter the weather. 

  • Everyone is welcome at Papa’s! 

  • We need you! 

Jobs we need help with


Whatever time or talent you have, we would love to have you volunteer at Papa's. Here are some of the jobs we are looking for help with:


Everyday help

  • Could you join our rota to open the park by 9am and lock it at dusk?


  • Researching fundraising opportunities and helping write fundraising applications for our new community building - do you have any fundraising experience?

  • Talking to local councillors and businesses to get support for the park.

Website and marketing

  • Updating the website, writing blogs and sending out newsletters to our supporters and members. 

  • Trying to increase membership of the park.

  • We’d also love help with our social media, if you have experience.

Events and bookings

  • Helping with bookings for the sports pitch.

  • Organising park events, like clean up days and celebrations 

Design and marketing

  • Designing posters and leaflets to inform park users.

Practical stuff 

  • Helping to deal with any issues with the sports pitch, playground or community hall, including small repairs. 


  • Thinking about our strategy going forwards and how to make our park financially self-sustaining.


What skills do you have? Please let us know if there’s anything else you could help us with.

How to get involved


To register your interest, email and we will set up a time to have a chat with you about volunteering opportunities. You can get involved as much or as little as you like, and you’re welcome to pick and choose the things you’re interested in. 


You can also join the Papa’s Park committee if you’d like – this is a group of local residents who run the park. We are a friendly group and always keen to welcome new members.


However, you don’t need to join the committee to volunteer at the park.

Here is a photo of some of our friendly volunteers:-

Papa's committee_edited.jpg
Papa's Cafe: About Us

How volunteering can help you


There are so many benefits to volunteering with us:
Help your local area
Get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to preserve a much-loved community treasure. Papa’s has been threatened with development many times over the years – but volunteers have helped keep it as a space for the community to enjoy. Help us continue to keep Papa's for everyone.


Find a sense of community
Do you ever find London too anonymous? Or feel like you’re missing a sense of community? Volunteering is a quick and easy way to feel more centred in your community. As well as the other volunteers, you’ll meet park users and people who come to our events. It’s a shortcut to knowing lots more people and feeling more a part of your neighbourhood.
“When I joined the committee, I discovered a community I had no idea existed. I never expected I would get to know as many people as I have, and feel the sense of belonging to the area that I now feel.”

- Current volunteer
Enhance your skills
We need people to help us in a wide range of areas. Get some experience in something different, learn some new skills or brush up some old ones - and maybe even end up with something you can add to your CV.
“I don't have any outdoor space at home and love that I can help garden at Papa's. I've learned loads, and watching the park bloom brings me so much joy!"

- Current volunteer

Get in touch at to find out more. 

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