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Community Hall hire

Papa’s community hall is available for hire to all the community. ​

Papa's Cafe: About Us

Hall capacity and facilities

The hall is 4.4 metres by 6.6 metres. It can hold around 40 people standing or 30 people sitting. 

The hall has 3 tables and 30 chairs. It has a set of double doors that lead to an outdoor space. A single door leads to 2 toilets (one with a baby change table) and on to Papa’s Café. 

The hall is within Papa’s Park, which means you have access to the playground and sports pitch. 


Members:               £20 per hour

Non-members:     £30 per hour 

Becoming a member costs £20 per year for a single membership and £35 for a family membership and includes an hour of free hall hire. You can sign up on our membership page

The hall hire only includes the hall itself. If you want to use the space directly outside the Café (for example, by using the Cafe’s table and chairs), you need to pay a small extra fee. This is because this is a space usually used by Papa’s Café for their clients.

How to hire the hall

The hall is available to hire from 9 AM to 11 PM. 

To book the hall you need to:


  • go into Papa’s Café Tuesday to Sunday, between 10am and 4pm, and speak to Valcie or Hurley who run the Café.

We are working on developing an online booking system and calendar. 



At one end of the scale, you can bring in your own food and drink and be completely self-sufficient.


At the other end of the scale, Papa’s Café can provide catering for your event – anything from jerk chicken, curried goat and vegetarian stews to hotdogs and chips for the little ones. See the menu for the types of food on offer or get in touch to find out more. 


Somewhere between the two, you could provide food, but set up a tab with Papa’s Café so your guests can get teas, coffees and soft drinks.

Conditions of hire

Leave the hall how you found it
Please remove and dispose of all decorations and rubbish. There are bins outside the hall that you can use – but these fill quickly and Papa’s has to pay for waste disposal, so if you can take your rubbish home with you, we would be very grateful. 


Please give the hall a sweep with the broom and mop up any spills. If you don’t do this, Valcie and Hurley in the Café have to do it for you, which is not fair on them. 

Leave on time

There may be people waiting for the hall after you. Please be considerate and make sure you leave enough time to clear up and still be able to vacate the hall on time. 

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