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Become a member of Papa's Park

Please consider helping Papa's by becoming a member.


In addition to supporting Papa's now and in the future, you get these benefits:

  • Pay less to hire the hall (£20 per hour for Members, £30 per hour for non-Members)

  • Get a vote - and a say - in the running of the park at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Your membership fee helps with the everyday running costs of the park

  • Your membership helps support Papa's future: more members means companies and charities are more likely to financially support the park

You can buy a single membership for £20 or save money by buying a family membership for £35: this covers up to 2 adults plus any number of children.

  • Papa's Membership

    Every year
    Become a member of Papa's (one adult)
    • Vote at AGM
  • Family Membership

    Every year
    Become a member as a family (up to two adults plus children)
    • Vote at AGM
Membership: PaidPlans
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