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We're Crowdfunding To Keep Papa's Gates Open!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Parks and playgrounds across the country have been closed since March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, including Papa's. Our closure, which includes the cafe and hall, has meant the complete loss of all our revenue so we have launched a crowdfunder* to raise £10,000 by 29 June 2020.

£10,000 would ensure the gates of Papa's remained open once Covid-19 restrictions start being lifted and would allow us to continue with the work we started to build a brand-new sustainable community space, which would include a larger café for locals and better hall facilities.

We are therefore asking that if you, your children or your family and friends have ever used our park, you support us during these unprecedented times by donating to our fundraiser and help keep Papa's gates open!

*Pay It Forward London is working with Crowdfunder to help London businesses to get through this exceptionally difficult period by offering 100% free fundraising using the Crowdfunder platform, so we will receive 100% of your donation.

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