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Papa's Park AGM - Thursday 6th August, 8pm

This year's AGM was a little delayed by Covid-19 but we will be having our inaugural online AGM on Thursday 6th August and we hope you can join us.

To attend the meeting, you need to register below and we will then send you a Zoom link closer to the meeting date. Please consider becoming a member of the park so you can vote in our elections!

We look forward to seeing on the 6th.

Papa's Park 2020 AGM Agenda

1) Welcome and Introductions - Directors and Trustees - Committee Members 2) Apologies 3) Achievements in the year 4) Election of Officers - Chair (x2) - Company Secretary (x2) - Directors (x 4) - Membership officer (x1) 5) Accounts 6) Plans for the year ahead 7) AOB / Questions Close of AGM


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