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Join the Papa's Park committee

Updated: Feb 28

Do you want to join the Papa’s Park voluntary committee? We welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life.

We are friendly and welcoming, and we meet once a month (a mixture of online and in-person) to discuss any issues to do with the running of the park. We also:

  • open and lock the park to keep it safe

  • manage the renting out of the sports pitch and community hall

  • deal with any park damage or issues

  • organise family fun days and other events in the park

  • fundraise to improve our park - find out more about our current fundraising

  • help look after the plants and trees (eg watering, pruning, planting)

You can decide how involved you want to be

You could:

  • attend meetings and contribute your views

  • help with the rota to open and lock the park at the beginning and end of each day

  • help us raise the money we need to replace the current Papa’s Café and Hall with a brand-new building

  • help to manage the rental of the sport’s pitch - this brings in much-needed funds so we can maintain the pitch and save money to replace it at the end of its life

As a committee, we try to represent our whole community, so please come along and join us!

If you are interested, please get in touch at

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