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Prepare yourself for a thrilling air battle that will shake the very ground you stand on.A variety of airships and weapons will keep you entertained for a long time.Check the Steam Version website for more information. NO HANDRAILERS NO TESTERS NO CELLPHONES NO SMUGGLING PERMISSION REQUIRED 5% of game sales will go to ARCHAEOLOGY INSTITUTE IN EGYPT 5% of game sales will go to CHINA 4% of game sales will go to ZOOKA IN THE PHILIPPINES Check for in-game description for more information. *******************************************************************************Changelog:*******************************************************************************New updates and version of the game available here******************************************************************************* - Included 'LionworksMULTIMEDIA.cpp' file from the package. - Tweaked loading screens - Added missing fullscreen support - Bug fixed: Removed shaking when bullets are fired (by a special thanks to Mr-Skeleton) - Bug fixed: A loop bug was found and fixed - Bug fixed: Check out the matchmaking page - Bug fixed: Improved performance - Bug fixed: Removed the option to play as a wolf (by a special thanks to Mr-Skeleton) - Bug fixed: Improved physics with the jets by a special thanks to Mr-Skeleton - Bug fixed: Buggy AI updates - Bug fixed: Players will now be kicked if they spawn in a spot that is not theirs - Bug fixed: "Mate On" was added on the Matchmaking page - Bug fixed: When "Buggy AI updates" was activated, the aim will be lost and your character will start to fly uncontrollable - Bug fixed: Airship bullets will be harder to hit - Bug fixed: Error message was added on Steam when the player tries to play the game on an old system - Bug fixed: "Offline Mode" was added - Bug fixed: The options were added - Bug fixed: Player coins were added - Bug fixed: The fullscreen switch option was added - Bug fixed: New characters will no longer be spawned in the general area of the spawn - Bug fixed: The music will stop when starting the game - Bug fixed:



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